About Us

TVM Capital Life Science is a group of independent investment advisories and fund managers for Venture Capital funds, investing into innovative biotech, pharmaceutical, and medtech companies in Europe, Canada the USA and Asia, with teams based in Munich and Montreal.

Since inception, TVM Capital Life Science has invested in entrepreneurial venture backed companies. Over several fund generations, our investment strategy has included a multi-stage investment approach spanning discovery to market ready companies as well as profitable companies searching for growth capital. Our investment focus has always been broad and includes investments in therapeutics, technology platforms, medtech and diagnostics. We invest in Canada, the U.S., Germany and Western Europe with our dedicated team of investment professionals based in Montreal and Munich.

Our most recent Life Science Venture Capital Fund, TVM Life Science Ventures VII, is a venture capital fund registered in Montreal QC which focuses on a new investment approach to developing pharmaceutical assets in a capital efficient fashion, to a human proof-of-concept in single asset companies. TVM Life Science Ventures VII is a unique collaboration between TVM Capital Life Science and Lilly to finance and access innovation outside the Lilly walls and as a way to manage risk and share reward. This strategic relationship with Lilly enables the project focused companies of the fund to reach clinical proof of concept efficiently and cost effectively. Each project focused company can choose to work with Chorus, Lilly’s efficient and cost-effective development engine for early to mid-stage molecules. Chorus, which is part of Global External Research and Development at Lilly, designs and executes lean and focused drug development plans that specifically test key scientific hypotheses to progress molecules from candidate selection to clinical proof-of-concept.

TVM Capital Life Science’s investment professionals draw upon the experience, international approach and demonstrated success of about 90 exits from our portfolio. These exits include 45 initial public offerings on the NASDAQ, and the London, Frankfurt, Zurich and Vienna Stock Exchanges and 25 trade sales and mergers. With more than two decades of experience in picking promising entrepreneurs, concepts and products for development, and building successful entrepreneurial companies, we are acutely aware of what it takes to build a world class technology, product or company, and astute at supporting management teams to bring companies and projects to value inflection points.

Among others, TVM Capital was the Series A lead investor in the following publicly listed companies with market capitalizations that at some point were or still are greater than of €1 billion: Qiagen, Sequenom, Actelion and Intercell. TVM Capital also led the Series A investments in Direvo and Jerini, the largest M&A transactions in the history of German biotechnology. And we are also proud to have been investors in companies such as Morphosys, Evotec, Idenix and Pharmasset, ‘household names’ for drug discovery in the pharmaceutical industry today.