Successfully financing innovation in life science demands capital efficiency, capital velocity and asset quality.

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Since inception, TVM Capital has invested in entrepreneurial venture backed companies. Over several fund generations, our investment strategy has included a multi-stage investment approach spanning discovery to market ready companies as well as profitable companies searching for growth capital. Our investment focus has always been broad and includes investments in therapeutics, technology platforms, medtech and diagnostics.

TVM Capital has also invested in the development of single pharmaceutical assets to human proof-of-concept. This novel investment strategy has proven to be highly capital efficient through a high degree of outsourcing and low investments in overhead while creating the opportunity for faster exits through a trade sale to a pharmaceutical player looking to build its pipeline without having to take on legacy companies around the products that appeal to them. At TVM Capital Life Science we call these investments “Project-Focused-Companies”.

We are creating sustainable value – for the pharmaceutical industry, patients and our investors. While TVM Capital Life Science ontinues to make traditional syndicated venture investments in entrepreneurial companies in other sectors in the life science market, in pharmaceuticals it focuses on investing in therapeutics as project-focused companies.